Bayliner Cabin Cruiser

Bayliner Cabin CruiserWith its legacy dating back to the 1950s, Bayliner is a renowned brand in the boating industry due to its commitment to quality and innovation. In 1986, the company merged with the Brunswick Corporation and became partner to the world’s biggest marine company. Today, Bayliner globally hosts dealers and distributors in more than 50 countries.

Bayliner gets it right with their design for space and stow. Their innovative designers constantly have their wheels turning on how to create space for passengers and expand storage. With innovative designers at the helm, the Bayliner signature Beam Forward Design was born. While other boat brands taper their designs from amidships to bow, Bayliner hulls are designed to stay wider for longer lengths. With this curvature, the gain in space is significant. Because of this signature design, there is much more elbowroom and storage in the cabins of the Bayliner cruisers. Every model of the Bayliner cabin cruiser features specific stowage areas that are built in for necessary items, such as fenders and cockpit tables. Bayliner knows your boating for pleasure, so there’s always enough room for your own toys and the gear of your guests. There’s also no compromise on style with this design. The silhouette of the Bayliner cabin cruiser is always sleek and sporting good looks.

Bayliner’s design innovation is not limited to the Beam Forward Design. To enhance quality performance, Bayliner’s patented Smooth Ride System achieves expert acceleration along with horsepower engines that save on fuel and planes quickly. For flawless execution of their designs, the Computer Aided Design is employed to produce molds that are accurate to thousandths of inches.

There’s a lot of technology that goes into the pristine outer finish of the Bayliner cabin cruiser. The patented ArmorFlex 954 gelcoat is poured into the mold backed by layers of fiberglass and Hydropel resin. This process is exclusive to Bayliner and results in finishes that resist fading, abrasion, chalking and discoloration. Your boat will have a longer mileage of good looks than any other brand.

Each stringer system of Bayliner’s boats is customized with the forces and use of the boat. Since the stringer system of any boat acts like a skeleton, Bayliner realizes the elements of use and force must be taken into consideration. That is why the Bowrider and Cruiser series feature a full-length grid with foam for reserve flotation and sound absorption.

With an attention to detail, Bayliner realizes that the little details are what make a big difference in performance. Unlike other brands which feature a stuck on surface, Bayliner cabin cruisers sport a diamond texture that is molded into the boat during fabrication. Their cushions are also UV protected and resist weathering and fading. All fittings and fasteners are constructed of stainless steel to resist corrosion and maintain strength.

Located in south Florida, Marine Connection,, features pre-owned Bayliner cabin cruisers. In business since 1987, the Marine Connection has been serving many satisfied customers for years. Visit the website today, and friendly customer service representatives will help you make an educated choice.


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