Hurricane Sundeck Sports for Sale

Hurricane Sundeck Sports for Sale One of the most fun boats to own is a sundeck, or open bow, boat. These boats have plenty of seating, so a family or a group can enjoy the open waters together. They are short enough to be towed easily, so people can launch them from any nearby marina. With respect to other powerboats, they do not use a lot of fuel. Most importantly, they provide one of the most exciting rides possible on the water.

People shopping for sundeck boats will inevitably come across Hurricane. A large boat manufacturer, Hurricane builds only three different lines of boats. One, their Fundeck series is a pontoon boat. The other two lines, Sundeck and Sundeck Sport, are both bow riders. By focusing on this style of boat, Hurricane designers and engineers have brought unique innovation to the open bow design.

A central theme that all of Hurricane Boats feature is a distinctive seat layout. In many boats, seats face forwards and backwards. In others, there is a large bench at the stern, and two forward facing seats.

Hurricane’s Sundeck and Sundeck Sport boats all have seats that face each other. The exact layout varies slightly from model to model, but they all share common principles. The captain’s seat swivels. It can face forward while driving, and then it can be turned to face the other seats when docked or anchored. Some of the larger models also have a port-side seat that swivels. The other seating, in both the bow and the stern, wraps around the corner. Rather than a single straight bench, Hurricane has installed one that curves around the boat’s sides. This way, passengers can all face each other.

This seating shows the big idea Hurricane promotes in its boats. Boating is a community sport. By facing the seats toward one another, people face each other and conversation is encouraged. Many of the models, even as small as 17 feet, have a table that can be put up or taken down. Not only is this convenient for preparing a lunch on the water, but it also acts as another place to gather around with other passengers. When not needed, the table is easily and quickly removed and placed in storage.

The seating on these Sundecks and Sundeck Sports is just one example of the innovation that Hurricane has brought to bow riders. The Sundeck Sports feature a unique bow, which is wider than a traditional open bow boat. While maintaining superb handling and performance, the deck of this bow provides extra storage and a unique look.

People who are interested in exploring all that Hurricane sundeck boats have to offer will want to talk to the service personnel at Marine Connection. Marine Connection is a global boat dealer based out of Florida. With decades of experience, we have grown to be the largest boat dealer in the Eastern U.S. We have received numerous awards in recent years for our continued excellence, and have a variety of Hurricane boats in stock. Visit Marine Connection today.

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