Wellcraft Boats Canada

Wellcraft Boats is constantly improving their manufacturing process to bring its customers the best quality product available. The company also has a commitment to improving its process to become a more environmentally friendly company. The Virtual Engineered Composites (VEC) process is a part of this initiative to move from the standard fiberglass boat resin transfer mold (RTM) process to a greener and less wasteful process. To date, 1500 boats or more have been made from this process.

This new process is a significant improvement upon the process. The process is more efficient because the manufacturer can now produce a finished boat in 22 minutes, whereas the previous version takes approximately four hours to complete. This new process does not require the removal of air bubbles in the way that the older process did. This significantly streamlined the process.

What Types of Boats Does Well Craft Produce?
Wellcraft is known for creating saltwater fishing boats with single and dual outboard engines. The Scarab line of performance boats has been their most popular line of boats created and is also known as the boat featured in Miami Vice. This boat features exceptional luxury, horsepower and handling. The “Miami Vice” boat with incredible styling was produced in the 1980s and 1990s.

The other popular Wellcraft designs include the Fisherman, Sportsman and the Coastal. The Fisherman is designed for fisherman’s boxes, bait boxes and other tools that will help occupants make the catch of their lives. The seats are comfortable and luxurious in this boat as they are in all of Wellcraft boats.

The Coastal design is for serious sport fishers that would like to venture far from the shore to get their big catch. There are plenty of storage spaces and luxury amenities. A head and galley are also featured on these boats. Island chasers find that this boat is more than equipped to discover a new island or catch a big fish on the high seas.

The Sportman is designed for watersports, cruising or a number of other designs. Though fishermen will enjoy the boat, it is equally as comfortable for people that want to enjoy the boat simply for relaxing on the water. The boat also features storage and a swim platform on some models.

Wellcraft has recently launched a new line of cruisers called the Martinique model line. The 2800, 3300 and 3700 Martinique models are the latest models that are expected to compete in the Southern Kingfisher Association’s saltwater-fishing circuit. Other models will also be revealed in the coming years as the designers develop new and innovative designs.

Wellcraft boats range in price, but the quality is never diminished. The boats retain their value well. Boaters in the market for a Wellcraft may even find a good deal on a used boat as well. Boaters should contact Marine Connection to find the Wellcraft boat of your choice today!

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