Boat Export To Australia

Boat export to Australia is becoming more popular as the rates of international boat and yacht shipping fees are reduced. Many boats may be shipped tax-free, at this particular moment in time, to any location in the world. Boat export to Australia is both cost effective and convenient to those that want to save money by shopping in another country. Exporters are professionals that can provide quality service on all levels.

Many boat exporters can ship your boat to any location on a secure carrier. Most companies will export boats or yachts to Australia on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Clients that would like their boat shipped will not have to wait an exorbitant amount of time from the date of purchase to receive their item. There is simply no time like the present to purchase a boat or a yacht. The prices, export costs and financing rates are all in the consumer’s favor.

Exporters can provide a wide range of services. Clients that are unable to travel to the location of the boat may provide the exporter with the details of the accessories, dimensions and other requirements of the boat. Once the exporter locates the boat that meets the specifications that you desire, then clients may ask the exporter to help him or her locate bank financing. After the boat is paid for in cash or through bank financing, exporters will arrange for shipment of the boat.

Most exporters are well aware of the details involved in the shipping logistics of the boat. Clients can be assured of the exporter’s expertise and place a great deal of responsibility in the hands of an experienced exporter. When the boat arrives at the International port, the boat may be inspected to ensure that it meets the specifications set forth by the buyer. The agreement is complete when the buyer receives the yacht or boat in the desired condition.

Many companies will also buy-back a boat or yacht after a certain period of time from a client to encourage the client to upgrade to a better boat after a number of years. With the favorable prices, clients may easily participate in this type of program and also, obtain a better boat or yacht in the process. This process is certainly preferred by many boat purchasers.

Boat export to Australia is often overlooked by some clientele that think the process may be too expensive to recognize considerable savings. Because of the economy, export taxes to certain locations for boats are virtually non-existent. This encourages sales and stimulates the economy in America and particularly South Florida. Consumers should consider their South Florida dealer for export to Australia.

Depending on the boat exporter, clients may ship anywhere between 1,000 and 5,000 or more boats annually. The huge carriers will transport numerous boats to their Australian or other destination. As a South Florida dealer, our boat exporter is bonded and insured to protect your investment as it is shipped from South Florida to Australia. As the roles of exporters expand, clients will receive some of the best service that any company can provide. Contact Marine Connection for your boat exporting today!

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