Selling a Used Boat

There are many reasons to consider selling your boat. You may be moving to a location where there is limited access to a body of water. Maybe you think that it is time to upgrade your current boat. You may feel burdened by your boat and are looking for a way to eliminated debt. The boat that you have could be too much of a responsibility for you right now. If you want to sell your used boat, you should consider selling it at Marine Connection.


Getting your boat appraised is the first step towards getting it off of your hands. Marine Connection uses every resource available to come up with a fair price for your boat. The value of your used boat is based on the condition and specifications of the boat. Used boats with a more recent model year that are in great condition will likely have a higher value than older boats with extensive wear and tear. Marine Connection will also appraise your used boat by comparing similar boats that are currently for sale on the market. To have your boat appraised you can make an appointment or visit Marine Connection during normal business hours.

Let Us Make You an Offer

Marine Connection will consider all the appraisal factors and market conditions before making you an offer. You don’t even have to bring in your boat before an offer is made. You would just need to provide a detailed description of your boat’s condition, specification, features, model and other pertinent information. The sight unseen offer is pending until the team at Marine Connection has an opportunity physically inspect your boat. The offer is good for an entire week.

Your Finances

If you still owe your lender money on the boat, don’t worry. If you accept the offer on your boat, Marine Connection will take care of the rest. Out of the offered purchase price, Marine Connection will pay off whatever you owe to the lender and provide you with a check for the remaining balance. So if you are offered $30,000 for your boat and owe your lender $20,000, Marine Connection would pay the lender $20,000 and offer you a check in the amount of $10,000. If you own more on the boat than its appraisal value, you can still sell your boat. Marine Connection can come to an agreement with your lender that allows the lender to receive a certain amount from Marine Connection, while you pay the lender the balance of what is owed.

What You Need

To sell your boat, you need to bring in your boat and title. If you need to sell your boat quickly, you can call ahead to let Marine Connection know that you intend to sell your boat today. As a courtesy to the future owner of your boat, please bring in any accessories, manuals and receipts as well. Visit today to learn more.

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