Top 5 Ways to Care For Your Boat Engine


When people have a boat, it's important they properly maintain it. This will make the boat last longer and more valuable when it's time to sell. It's important a boat owner know the required maintenance for their vessel. Should the boat be big or small, basic or customized, routine maintenance will decrease the need for repairs and provide dependable use far into the future.


A motor that provides power for boats needs to have its oil changed just like any vehicle motor. The requirements for changing boat motor oil are different for various makes and models. Many experienced boaters recommend changing the oil after 100 hours of operation. Some motors are good if changed once a year. There is no such thing as a quick oil change shop for boats. Boat owners have to change it themselves or take it to a local boat dealer. In most boat motors, changing the oil can be done quickly and easily. It will require having the right tools. An inexpensive oil extractor pump will be needed. This device removes the oil via the dipstick tube. It will also require an oil wrench and plenty of rags to catch the drips. Placing an absorbing pad under the boat's motor near the oil filter is also a good way to catch the drips.


It is good to flush out the engine of a boat after each outing. This should not just be done when the boat is used in saltwater but fresh water as well. Older motors are going to require an owner purchase a set of flushing earmuffs. These are two rubber seals connected to a metal clamp. One seal can be connected to a garden hose. The other will be solid and used to plug a water intake. Put the closed seal to where the water is taken in and connect it. Put the other one in the lower intake and attach a garden hose. If there is more than one water intake, then duct tape can be used to cover them. Once they are mounted, it's time to turn on the water. The boat's engine should be started. The system will be flushed out with the motor's water pump.


A boat's motor needs to have its spark plugs and plug wires replaced as needed. There is no clearly defined rule about the life cycle of boat motor spark plugs. When an owner uses their boat often, and does not maintain the engine, the spark plugs will wear out quicker. If a motor does not rev up appropriately or starts burning large amounts of fuel, it could be a spark plug problem. Using a wrench to unscrew the spark plugs, you can then test them by mounting them on a spark tester. When they need changing, the plug wires need to be removed. Use a wrench to remove the spark plugs. The new spark plugs will screw in place, and the plug wires will snap back into place. Many people replace the spark plugs and plug wires at the same time.


This is the part of the water pump that circulates water and keeps the engine from overheating. It needs to be replaced every two years when a boat is used in fresh water. If a boat is used in saltwater, it will need to be replaced every year. These pump components will become jammed with debris over a period of time. This is why they need to be regularly replaced. To replace them, the cover plate to the impeller housing needs to be removed. Use a pair of pliers to grip the impeller by its blade and pull it off. Put a new impeller into the shaft. The cover place can then be screwed back into place.

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