Buying a Cruiser Boat in Canada

Canada is known for its vast land area and breathtaking lakes. What’s an avid lake fan to do for fun on the water? Jet skis are exciting, but fairly small. A great alternative for those looking to explore more, there are cruiser boats. These vessels are easily maneuvered on the water and have plenty of space for guests. Where is the best place to purchase a cruiser boat that provides an easy and inexpensive way to find the perfect boat? Marine Connection.

Marine Connection is a large-scale cruiser boat retail center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Before you feel that’s a little too far to deal with, realize that the Marine Connection has over 20 years of experience importing cruiser boats into Canada at great rates. This boat retailer prides itself in providing quality boats, as well as competent exporting practices, to bring your dream boat into Canada as quickly as possible.

Marine Connection offers a number of pre-owned boats for sale; many of which are only a few years old. Looking to pay for a 2007 cruiser at an incredibly low price? Many times, customers may be set on a new boat purchase, but decide on a pre-owned boat since many have barely been used. You can easily see Marine Connection’s inventory and prices at and view all of the pre-owned and new boats currently offered. Many boats have multiple pictures so that you can see the vessel from different angles.

Why is it so easy for the Marine Connection to export boats to many different countries, including Canada? Our facility lies on the east coast of Florida, only a few miles from prominent shipping ports. Not only are we close to the port, but we experts in setting up a boat for shipment.

Shipping a boat can be a tedious process; the smooth fiberglass transom can easily be damaged if improperly shipped. Luckily, Marine Connection understands the importance of the product’s aesthetic appearance. Each boat is carefully evaluated for the best shipment positioning and containment, with most boats are shrink-wrapped to protect the outside surface.

Depending on the boat’s size and shape, Marine Connection will work with customers to negotiate a reasonable price on a shipping container. Some boats can be shipped on a cradle or trailer, whereas other vessels may need an entire shipping container. With Marine Connection’s expertise, we can decide what works best for your particular situation, with respect to both cost and time.

Marine Connection understands that purchasing a boat is a large investment. Although payment in full is due prior to transporting the vessel, all pertinent documents regarding ownership and shipment tracking will be sent to the customer immediately upon payment. The customer is able to track the boat’s progress on their personal computer, ensuring a safe voyage.
For more information on your future boating needs see Marine Connection’s vast collection of vessels right now at

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