Buying a Boat in Canada Doesn’t have to be Complicated

Buying a Boat in CanadaBoating can be exciting, adventurous, relaxing and fun for anyone, particularly if exploring the beauty of a country as vast as Canada.

There are a few things to consider when shopping around for a boat:

  • Selecting the right boat.
  • Where to buy your boat.
  • Cost and financing
  • Types of boats.
  • New vs. used.
  • Transporting your boat.
  • Experts with the advice you need.


Selecting the Right Boat

What should someone consider when looking for a boat? Who will be using the boat? Individuals, a family, a company? There is also the matter of how will it be used, be it fishing, entertaining guests, or water sports. The most important factor to consider is where will it be used. Rivers, lakes and oceans have immense differences that go far beyond mere size and your boat should reflect that usage and the factors it entails.

Where to Buy Your Boat

The US, particularly Florida, has an incredible selection and some of the lowest prices. If you’re new to the world of boating, you should use an agent or dealership to be sure you’re completely covered and guaranteeing yourself the best experience possible on the water. Marine Connection is located in the heart of one of the world’s largest markets and locations for boating enthusiasts and we have the experience you need.

Cost and Financing

Once you’ve found the kind of boat you want you should compare it with similar kinds to make sure you are getting a good price. You also need to factor in maintenance costs and registration fees in addition to the base cost of the boat.

Types of Boats

There are various types of boats, in a multitude of shapes and sizes (each with their own features):

Cruise boats are best for entertaining
Fishing boats have fewer seats but feature more deck space and open cabins.

  • Sports boats are for racing, water skiing and other water sports. They are built for speed and usually have fewer seats than fishing boats.

New vs Used

Just as with cars, used boats can save you money upfront but may need more maintenance and have a shorter lifespan. Boats are pretty simple when it comes to maintenance and increasingly reliable modes of transportation.

Transporting Your Boat

If you choose to transport you boat yourself; you need to make sure that you have a trailer that meets regulations for the boat you’ve purchased. At customs, you’ll need to have all your paperwork available, including the bill of sale, purchase agreements, proof of insurance, and VIN/RIV fees.

You may find it easier, safer, quicker and cheaper to have your boat shipped. Many dealerships have shipping agreements that save you money and they will handle the paperwork for you.

For more information contact Marine Connection.

We are South Florida’s largest volume boating super store. The large selection ensures you get the right boat. We have been around since 1987 and have shipped over 8000 boats all over the world. Our shipping agreements and in-house financing will save you time and money.

Contact us for all of your boating needs today!

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