The Benefits Of Owning A Boat

The Benefits of Owning a BoatMany Americans dream of owning a boat, both for the many activities it makes possible and the freedom owning a boat represents. A boat purchase can radically expand a family’s options during weekend excursions and longer vacations, ranging from marine sports to leisurely activities like fishing,

With an extensive boat inventory that is available in all sizes and designs, Marine Connection can enable the owner, whether it is a first time buyer or a long time boat owner who is adding to his inventory or replacing an older boat, to free himself or herself from the restrictions of renting a boat. By owning a boat, there are no limitations on when and where the family can make use of their property, or how they may customize it.

The activities a boat purchase can open up include:

• Water skiing, whether on an inland lake or offshore on the ocean can become an enjoyable activity for the entire family.
• With the purchase of a well-equipped boat, fishing, whether close into the shore, or for a longer day trip off the coast.
• A boat can easily support scuba diving enthusiasts when they engage in dives on coral reefs, underwater wrecks or other areas of interest in the ocean.
• Boats can be an excellent setting for family get-togethers, parties or other social activities, whether at sea or simply tied up at the marina.
• Boats can open up vast stretches of the coast that are difficult or impossible to explore by car or foot.

As the largest boat import and export company in South Florida, Marine Connection specializes in both new and pre-owned boats, making it an excellent source of quality boat for an economical price. With access to nearly every model of sports and excursion boats, we can fulfill our customers boating needs effectively and quickly.

With our own finance department, Marine Connection has the advantage of being able to deal directly with customers to develop the most advantageous finance terms for their boat purchase. This allows us to offer extremely competitive interest rates, as well as having a fast turn around time on loan approvals for all boat purchases. In addition, we take care of all boat titling and registration as part of the purchase process.

Finally, with access to a worldwide network of professional shipping companies, Marine Connection is one of the largest exporters in the United States of new and pre-owned boats. In addition to allowing foreign purchasers to obtain American boats, we handle all aspects of the shipping process, from preparing the boat for shipping, to handling certification requirements. Most newly purchased boats can be shipped in standard 40 foot shipping containers, further reducing shipping costs.

By working with Marine Connection, long time boating enthusiasts and first time buyers alike can quickly and economically find the boat that suits their particular needs. In order to fulfill your boating needs, visit our online boat catalog for more information and speak with one of our customer service representatives today!


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