What Boat Should You Buy?

What Boat Should You Buy
Boating can be an exciting way to spend leisure time, entertaining business clients, travel or develop a business venture on the water. Since the types of boats and their uses vary so widely, one has to decide what is the main purpose or use of the boat they want.

Usually the type and size of boat depends a great deal on where it will be used. Will it be for salt or fresh water use? How often will it be used? Daily, weekly, monthly or just seasonal use? For example, if one lives on the coast, it is generally assumed that you would get more frequent use from a boat than someone who lives in the Great Lakes area.

Fishing Boats

These boats come in many sizes, depending on whether you will be close to shore or spending the night with the ocean to rock you to sleep. How many people will be on board? A nice boat for sport or fishing would be the Angler, measuring 22 feet in length. Easy to handle and comfortable seating, very reasonably priced. Another excellent boat is the Sea Ray 330 SunDancer at just over 35 feet in length. This model promises a day of adventure and fun in the sun.
Other options for fishing are available for fresh water fishing and sport as well. The Great Lakes have many areas for both fishing and water sports.

Family Boats

Family boats come a wide variety of sizes and styles to fit whatever sport your family enjoys. Family outings on the water can’t be beat when you’re cruising in the 2012 Sea Fox. This flashy model is sure to turn heads and make for a fantastic day on the water. Family boats are available in smaller models as well to accommodate any number of children you may have on board.

Entertaining for Business or Pleasure

Larger vessels are excellent entertaining business clients. An example would be the 56′ Sea Ray 560 Sedan Bridge, just over 56 feet in length. This fine vessel is complete with kitchen, dining area, bath/shower facilities, sleeping quarters, and comfortable lounging area for drinks and conversation. In addition there is plenty of room on the spacious deck for fishing or just enjoying the sun and sea air. This model also has room for a full crew as well.

There are many different options when it comes to boating. There are many styles available for fresh water fishing and sport as well. The Great Lakes have many areas for both fishing and water sports. Again, these vessels come in many sizes to fit whatever your boating needs may be. There are also many options for financing your boat. There are of course pre-owned models as well as new models available for the savvy buyer. Contact your source for reasonably priced boats today for more information. We can ship your boat to nearly any location you choose. Marine Connection can help you find the boat of your dreams at an affordable price for any budget. Come talk to one of our knowledgeable agents today and see what we have to offer.

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