Console Fishing Boats

For those seeking a multipurpose console fishing boat, there are many options on the market today that are sold internationally. Not only are they perfect for fishing, but for family outings as well. Their design makes them more affordable and by working with a qualified dealer shipping has never been easier.

This unique type of design has the console, or control center, placed halfway between the bow and stern. With an open deck, clear views are provided regardless of where an individual sits. It also makes walking around the boat much easier. In order to accommodate uses in various conditions, the hull can also be obtained with a cathedral bottom, deep vee, or modified deep vee design. Another feature of some of the larger models is the addition of toilet facilities.

For those that love the water, console fishing boats fulfill many needs. They can pull a skier or tuber and provide an exciting ride with their maneuverability and performance. They are also the favorite mode of transportation for fishermen and divers. As such, they are designed to perform equally well whether on a calm lake or rough sea. These boats can also be equipped to serve as tenders to larger yachts.

These vessels often have added features based on the needs of the consumer. For example, for avid fishermen, bait wells, rod holders, outriggers, and much more can be included. For those who really enjoy the sport, a well equipped boat can enhance enjoyment.

In order to ensure that the boat arrives in pristine condition and ready for that first launch, it is important to work with a company that is trustworthy and has a history of customer satisfaction. It is also important to understand the regulations for international shipping in the area where you live. For example, documentation and import fees will both apply. By knowing what is expected in your area, it will be easier to determine the reliability of the boat dealer and shipping company.

Many boat dealers sell both new and used models. It is best to buy from an international dealer since they can help consumers understand boat values as well as ensure that individuals receive the right products to fit individual needs. One of the best advantages of working with internet dealers is that consumers are no longer limited by what is available in their local area.

Marine Connection, is located in South Florida and has the largest volume of new and pre-owned boats found on the internet. The goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing the best boat purchasing experience possible. For those who would like to view the vast selection of console fishing boats now available for international sales, contacting Marine Connection at should be a first step.

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