Hurricane Pontoon Boat

Hurricane Pontoon BoatHurricane pontoon boats offer a unique, different boating experience for recreational water entertainment and sporting. Granted, the term “pontoon” makes one at first think of a floating raft on oil barrels or similar. However, Hurricane boats, known as the FunDeck series, are anything but just a floating raft. Hurricane is based out of Florida and has years of experience producing boats for lakes, rivers, water activity, and small craft work needs.

Designed in multiple configurations and crew space setups, the Fundeck series offers the same momentum power as a regular motorboat but the wider space and utilization of a pontoon boat. The combination provides owners a hybrid vessel that has power to move but more space than a conventional boat for leisure and group fun. The hull itself is contoured for smooth movement through water, so a FunDeck boat won’t have the water resistance limitations a regular pontoon boat would experience.

Hurricane manufactures the FunDeck boats in 11 different configurations, so there is a crew space design for just about everyone’s tastes when buying a boat. They can easily be used for family leisure, crew fishing, work exploration with equipment space and related modifications, and for party event outings. The smallest unit has a length of approximately 18 feet while the largest option measures out at almost 24 feet long.

The basic model puts out 150 horsepower and carries up to 9 people comfortably. The largest model seats 13 persons and puts out 250 horsepower. Fuel capacity ranges from 25 gallons with the baseline vessel and goes up to 48 gallons in the top end vessel. All models come with a dedicated pilot’s steering seat, a rear water access step, the proprietary Hurricane hull system, and comfortable seating for all passengers. Accessories include sun roof frames and canvas for external cover while traveling on water.

Hurricane FunDeck models are sold and purchased through licensed dealers, providing both model purchase as well as various financing programs for purchase over time. Timed correctly, some purchase may even produce a hefty sales tax deduction in some states for buyers, reducing the sting of regulatory costs added on to final receipt.

Prospective new boat owners for FunDecks should also keep in mind they will need to purchase a towing trailer if a boat is eventually bought as well has a have a location where to park the vessel when not in use. For trailer packages, customers should make sure their towing vehicle has sufficient engine strength and a strong enough towing hitch to match the FunDeck boat chosen. Otherwise, a new owner could be in for a rude surprise with an overheated car or a hitch that fails at the wrong moment.

For boaters and would-be pontoon boat owners in South Florida, Marine Connection is the place to go to find a Hurricane FunDeck. Marine Connection offers the largest volume of available models and has been in the business since 1987, so there is no shortage of expertise on the sales floor. Pricing on models is provided by personal quote, which allows Marine Connection to tailor inventory specifically to what a customer is looking for. For the Hurricane pontoon boat of your choice Contact Marine Connection today.



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