Stingray Deck Boats

Among owners, dealers and mechanics of boats, Stingray is recognized as one of the best values on the market. With a history of more than 30 years, Stingray has a well-established reputation for quality boats. What began with a vision, a couple people and two models has grown into a world-known company that produces a full line-up of pleasure boats.

Al Flink began Stingray as a venture to serve the boating community. As the company has grown since 1979, they have not lost that vision. Headquartered in Hartsville, SC, Stingray shows care to their customers and boats. They pour themselves into each craft built, taking the time to make each model they produce perfect.

Stingray offers an array of different models, including open bows, cuddies and cruisers, sport decks, a sport boat and a fishing and skiing model. Of these, the deck boats promise some of the most fun at the least expense for pleasure boat enthusiasts.

Stingray manufactures many deck boats. The LS / LX is their smallest boat. Although this is an entry-level open bow, it is loaded with features and quality is not lacking. This comes in an 18 and a 19 foot model. Slightly larger, the LR models range, from the 20 foot 208LR, to the 25 foot 250LR.

While any boat ride is a joy, people most often use bow riders for one of two purposes. These are enjoyed by fishers, as the open bow allows for people to spread out anywhere on the boat and cast a line over. Water skiers and wake boarders appreciate the small wake these boats throw, allowing for beautiful, easy and crisp turns.

In the 195FX bow rider, Stingray has blended qualities to create a boat that both fishermen and water skiers will enjoy. Specifically designed with these two uses in mind, this is a slightly upgraded 19 foot LS/LX model. It is crafted so equipment for either sport can easily be mounted. Fishing equipment can easily be stored, and water skiers can mount a fixture for the tow rope. This is a perfect example of Stingray’s motto, “innovative quality.”

Stingray is a more than a member of the National Marine Manufacturers Association. As a part of this organization, they agree to build bow riders to industry standards. Customers can rely on the quality and safety of their vessels. However, Stingray is more than just a member of this group.

Stingray is a leader in marine innovation. One of their crowning research and development achievements, the Z-Plane Hull, increases efficiency. This patented method of constructing a boat’s hull to cut through the water as smoothly as possible, efficiency was increased. As boaters in the bow of a Stingray watch the craft create a perfect line in the water, they can know the hull below them really is seamlessly cutting through the water.

Boaters enjoy the fun variety bow riders offer, and they look to Stingray for quality open bow boats. Marine Connection is a world-wide Stingray dealer based in Florida. Contact us at today!


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