Hurricane Deck Boats for Sale

Deck boats are some of the sportiest boats. They can be used for water skiing, fishing or simply boating. With the ability to sit almost anywhere on the boat and glide easily over the water, or the chance to enjoy the spray of waves as the boat cuts through a chop, these deck boats are among the most fun boats in the water. Among Hurricane deck boats for sale, people will find three different series: the SunDeck, the SunDeck Sport and the FunDeck

The SunDeck series by Hurricane is a line of deck boats designed with a sport feel. Coming in a variety of lengths, as small as 18 feet and as large as 27 feet, there is a model for everyone. The SD 187 is the smallest Hurricane deck boat; it is very portable and easy to tow. The largest model, the SD 2700, has a unique design. Rather than having the walk-though down the center of the boat, this model has a walk-through on the port side. This creates a unique, sporty design.

The SunDeck Sport series is similar to the Hurricane SunDecks. The main difference between the two is the SunDeck models come equipped with a wrap-around windshield and the SunDeck Sport models have a console area instead. These boats come in slightly smaller sizes, from 18 feet to 23 feet. However, the shorter length is unlikely to be noticed because of the distinctive seating.

The SunDeck Sport deck boats have seating unlike many bow riders. Most open bows have seats that face forward, toward the bow, and backwards, toward the stern. This is alright, but people often are seated facing opposite directions. In the SunDeck Sport open bows, the seating features a wrap-around design. Everyone faces each other, both in the bow and in the main seating areas. This creates a fun experience, encouraging people to converse while boating. It also is much easier to hang out together when anchored at a beach or docked at a marina.

For people considering a Hurricane deck boat, Marine Connection is able to help. We have a large variety of Hurricane deck boats for sale, and ship world-wide. Although we are based in West Palm Beach, Florida, we serve customers from all over. With over 20 years of experience, this staff is well equipped to assist people in finding the ideal Hurricane deck boat to meet their needs. Contact Marine Connection at today!


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