Sea Ray Sundeck for Sale

The Sea Ray Sundeck series of boats is an ideal pleasure boat for boaters seeking a deck boat that can hold many people. Over the years, Sea Ray has led the power boat manufacturing industry in quality and innovation. Their Sundecks are yet another example of the great results they achieve by continually striving for excellence.

Sea Ray has been making boats for more than 50 years now, and over that time they have come to be one of the most trusted brands on the market. Sea Ray boats are recognized as being made of the highest quality materials. They are known to be expertly engineered. The stylish design is recognized by all. This is all true in the Sundeck series of boats.

The Sundeck power boats are deck boats. They are among Sea Ray’s largest open bow power boats, with lengths ranging from the 20 foot 200 Sundeck to the 30 foot 300 Sundeck. For those seeking a very large open bow, the new 300 Sundeck comes complete with a private berth, dinette, enclosed head and wet bar. Not all Sundecks are this large, but they all are built to maximize space.

The mark of the Sundecks is an innovative design. Rather than a pointed bow, as is found in the Sea Ray SLXs and many bow riders, Sundecks have a rounded, almost squared bow. This is similar to the contrast of a pointed toe in a shoe and a standard toe in a shoe.

The craftsmen at Sea Ray were able to increase the entertainment space in the SunDecks by rounding the bow of the boat. Not only is there more storage room, but there are more seats. In the larger models of the line, this additional space allows for amenities such as dinettes and a private head, rarities in open bows. This unique bow design increases available space, without sacrificing performance in any way.

Regardless of size, all of the Sundecks promise outstanding performance. They all have been engineered by the mechanics at Sea Ray to gracefully plane over flat water. In waves, they almost effortlessly handle the peaks and troughs. Both of these conditions, calm waters and wavy waters, create different, but fun boating conditions in a bow rider. The Sundecks are built to provide a fund time in either.

All of the Sundecks are completed with style. The final step in building the boat, installing the hardware, seats and finishing touches, receives the same care that all other steps are given. When tied up at the marina or anchored at the beach, people are sure to notice the Sundeck. In addition to the boat’s unique look, all the pieces in it have style.

For people considering a Sea Ray Sundeck, whether new or used, be sure to check out Marine Connection. Located near one of Sea Ray’s two manufacturing plants, we are ready to ship Sundecks worldwide. Contact us at today!


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