Sea Ray Bowrider

Sea Ray bow riders are one of the most fun pleasure boats on the water. With an established history of over 50 years, Sea Ray is widely recognized as the premier power boat manufacturer. Based in Knoxville, TN, Sea Ray has two manufacturing plants in the U.S. In addition to their Tennessee factory, another is located in Florida. They specialize in building power cruisers that cut through the water with ease.

Sea Ray builds a wide variety of power boats. With their smallest being a 17 foot sport boat and the largest being a 61 foot yacht, there is a model available for everyone’s needs. Yet, in the midst of this variety, the most popular Sea Ray boats are their bow riders.

Sea Ray offers a number of different bow riders. In addition to previous year’s models, there are several different sizes currently being manufactured. The smallest are the 175 STC Sport, 175 Sport, 185 Sport and 185 Outboard Sport. The Sport models also come in a 19 and 20 foot version. Two other open bow models, the Sundeck and the SLX both come in sizes ranging from 20 to 30 feet. Of these models, the Sundeck’s bow is rounder, while the bow on the SLX comes to a point. Either way, these boats are seaworthy.

These open bows all are quality boats, but each model has slight advantages for specific uses. For instance, water skiers on lakes might appreciate the smaller Sports. In situations where large waves rarely occur, these boats will produce a very small wake. The 185 Outboard Sport, having an outboard engine, requires some of the simplest maintenance of any boat. The larger SLX models, with sizes built up to 30 feet, will be able to handle larger waves with ease. One of these models might be preferable for a large lake or the coast. Finally, the Sundeck maximizes seating space for large groups. Its rounded bow and length allow as many people to board as possible.

The joy of bow riders is in the close proximity riders have to water. Seated just feet above the surface of the water, there is nothing like speeding over a glassy, flat lake. On windier days, the spray of an open bow boat being expertly navigated through the waves is a blast. No matter the model of Sea Ray bow rider chosen, all of these boats can deliver both these experiences. Many boats take people out on the water, but only Sea Rays create the ultimate boating experience.

Purchasing in a Sea Ray is an investment in a quality boat. Because of their established history, the boat can be trusted to reliably operate for seasons and years to come. The world-known brand name comes with a vast network of support. Worldwide, there are owners, mechanics and marinas ready to quickly assist with any questions about the Sea Ray bow rider.

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