Repossessed Boat Companies Australia

Marine Connection is specializing in selling repossessed boats to Australian customers. As it stands, Australian prices are on average are 30% higher than American prices. When an Australian purchases a repossessed boat, they may realize savings of 60% to 70% or more. With these savings, the import and export costs become negligible.

When the economy experienced significant decline, the number of monthly repossessions also increased after boat owners defaulted on their loan payments. At repossession sales auctions, many boat purchasers will easily save 50% off the book value. As more buyers recognize this incredible buying opportunity, the sales increase.

In some instances, buyers prefer repossessed boat deals over used boat deals. The boats are often in better condition and the process is easier in many instances. In South Florida, Marine Connection is reevaluating their marketing strategies since the demand for repossessed boats have increased. Marine Connection has developed a marketing strategies to attract customers that are interested in luxury boats at discounted prices.

Marketing to other countries has been a part of the Marine Connections marketing strategy for over 20 years. However, savings from repossessions will allow Marine Connection to encourage more overseas buyers, especially from Australia. The beautiful coastline in Australia is a place that buyers can enjoy the power of these boats. Since Australia has been a long time economic partner of the United States, there is no conflict of interest selling boats to this country for economic gain.

Marine Connection sells new, used and repossessed boats to both domestic and international customers. The company has noticed an increase in their repossessed inventory and recognizes that this is a unique opportunity for Australia to obtain luxury items at a fraction of the cost.

Australians that decide to purchase a boat in the South Florida will receive help from experience sales people that understand the process. Purchasers will not only need to perform adequate research on the boat, but also on the import and export process and the shipping process. Marine Connection has the knowledge required to guide customers through the process to ensure the process is successful.

Within four to six weeks, you may have your new boat at your favorite dock in Australia waiting for your enjoyment. There is nothing more relaxing than taking your boat out on the coast of Australia to dive or snorkel to view the Great Barrier Reef. Some buyers may also use their boats for charters or tours. Consider the significant savings on your company’s investment if you save 60% to 70% of the market value price.

Consider Marine Connection if you are shopping for a boat in Australia. You will be surprised by the vast inventory that is available, as well as, the low prices. Contact Marine Connection today!

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