Glasstream Boats for Sale

A boat’s characteristics should be held perfectly in unison. First, a boat must look good. When people are mulling around a dock and someone asks which is the best of the docked boats, will yours be mentioned? A boat needs to have style in the water. Yet, style cannot stand alone; it must be complimented with performance. Boats are not meant only to be stunning, but also to move through water with ease. Of course, this requires a commitment to quality, to a craft that will last. Finally, all of these must be practical. A boat must be a good value for it to be a wise investment. The people at Glasstream combine all of these in their boats. Glasstream boats for sale offer style, performance, quality and value.

Glasstream builds upon their 25 years of experience. Over these years, Glasstream has focused on two specific boat styles. They design and manufacture pleasure and fishing boats. Ranging in size from 17 ft. to 36 ft, there are nine models offered in total.

While Glasstream makes a couple of different boat styles, all of their craft are built to perform. Unique to these boats, the hull is a patented design. This specially designed hull is modeled after a race boat in the late 1980s. The boat, “Turn of the Century,” won the American Power Boat Association divisional championship in Key West, FL during 1988. Improving upon what was already a championship hull, the Glasstream hull was originally intended to be a prototype for racing. However, it was so efficient and luxurious that they now use it to make pleasure craft. The hull reduces drag and increases the boat’s lift. This results in a fast, comfortable boat that can perform.

When purchasing a Glasstream boat, you will be impressed by the quality of your new watercraft. The boat is built to last. There is no wood or other deteriorating material on the boat. There is no need to be concerned about the water or elements eating away at your new boat. Underneath the visible parts, the racing hull is solidly constructed. It and the deck are fully glassed. The tin wirer’s terminals are constructed with heat shrink in mind. Because of Glasstream’s commitment to quality, they are able to offer solid, length warranties on their boats.

This quality boat is offered as a value. All boaters have their dream watercraft. Glasstream boats for sale offer a reasonable means of finding a craft that suits your dreams. When purchasing one of these boats, it is an investment into the future. Buying a Glasstream boat is the first step to many years of fun on the water.

Contact Marine Connection to purchase your Glasstream boat and have it shipped anywhere. No matter where you live and boat you can, enjoy the unique style, racing performance and detailed commitment to quality found in Glasstream boats. These exceptional boats for sale offer an amazing value to pleasure boaters around the world. We look forward to hearing from you today!

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