Fort Lauderdale & Palm Beach’s Top Dock-and-Dine Spots

Dock and Dine in Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach


Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach are prime destinations for boaters looking to combine their love for the water with exceptional dining experiences. Whether you’re after a luxurious evening or a laid-back lunch, these locales offer a variety of dock-and-dine options.

In Fort Lauderdale, the 15th Street Fisheries stands out as a premier spot for fresh seafood and stunning views of the Intracoastal Waterway. Boaters can dock their vessels and enjoy signature dishes like the renowned crab cakes or mahi-mahi amidst the bustling maritime scene.

Another Fort Lauderdale favorite, Boathouse at the Riverside, offers a blend of contemporary American fare and nautical charm. Here, diners can transition seamlessly from their boats to a gourmet meal, enjoying items like the pan-seared snapper or the Boathouse burger in a relaxed setting by the water.

Moving on to Palm Beach, Sailfish Marina on Singer Island offers a picturesque backdrop for dining, featuring a menu that highlights local seafood delights like lobster rolls and conch fritters. It’s a perfect spot to unwind and dine in style, with views that encapsulate the essence of Palm Beach’s coastal beauty.

Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach cater to boaters with an array of culinary delights, making each dock-and-dine experience unique and memorable. From casual bites to upscale dining, the waterfront restaurants in these cities are sure to enhance your boating adventure with flavorful meals and scenic views.





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