Boat Export to Canada

Boat export to Canada is a fairly easy process and also affordable with the current exporting fees. Export fees and taxes from South Florida are nominal or non-existent in some cases. Many Canadians find that shopping for a yacht or a boat in America may offer more flexibility and options than in Canada.

Most people do not think about water when they think of Canada initially. However, boating is one of the favorite past times of Canadian citizens. While the boat prices and export fees are low, why not consider purchasing a boat and exporting it to your country of origin, Canada?

Many Canadian purchasers are within close enough proximity to South Florida to actually view the boat before purchase. However, clients that select to not come and take a look at the boat prior to purchase may require the expertise of the exporter to review the specifications of the buyer. Purchasers will provide exporters with information such as boat size, type, style, accessories and speed.

When the exporter finds a boat with the specifications, then the client will contact the client and arrange for the boat to be shipped to the location. Exporters may also help the client obtain bank financing in addition to the actual shipment of the boat or yacht. Clients will find that exporters are instrumental in the boat or yacht purchase process.

Clients that physically visit South Florida prior to boat purchase may decide to arrange other means to transport the boat across the border. Many purchasers may opt to drive the boat from South Florida to the Canadian border. Consider that the client will have to pay for gas, accommodations and spend a considerable amount of time before actually getting the boat across the border.

Once the boat successfully reaches the border, the client has three days to phone customs and declare the item. In some rare instances, border patrol may come to your boat or yacht’s location and inspect the vessel. If the vessel was built in North America, typically, no duty will be assessed to the boat. If the boat was purchased elsewhere a 9.5% duty may be assessed.

Some clients have even purchased boats in South Florida and sailed up the coast for sport or for other reasons. This process is time-consuming and is not the most economical. However, clients may find the process rewarding for sport or recreation. As simply a mode of transport, this is not the most preferable means of travel. In either case, a bill of sale is required and possibly a letter of deletion from the United States Coast Guard.

While the fees at the border may be cheaper, the process is lengthy and cumbersome. Clients should consider exportation rather than going through the process of physically transporting the vessel him or herself. Boat export to Canada is an affordable, safe and efficient process.

Consider boat export to Canada with your next boat purchase. The prices and taxes are within the consumer’s favor. Boat export is within reach of the ordinary boat buyer in today’s economy. Contact Marine Connection for your boat export today!

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