Used Chaparral Boats for Sale

For those looking to purchase a boat, the decision is not easy. Of the boat manufacturers, who is reputable? Buying a boat for sale is an investment; will the boat last? Will it need repairs? These take up additional financial resources and more importantly valuable time on the water. When looking for a boat for sale, join over 250,000 satisfied boaters. Choose a used Chaparral boat.

Chaparral has over 40 years of experience building boats. Started in 1965, the boats made today are improvements from 4 decades years of knowledge. Since 1977, Buck Pegg and Jim Lane have been the senior management. Chaparral offers consistency and quality in their boats.

Chaparral crafts come in many different models. With two lines of sport boats, there is a size for everyone. The smaller ones range from 19 ft. to 24 ft. The second line is between 26 ft. and 32 ft. Also in this range are several cuddy cabins and some sport decks. The tow boats, which are of similar size, are perfect for wakeboarding, water skiing and tubing. Slightly larger at 27 ft. to 37 ft., the cruisers are perfect for weekend adventures. At 42 ft., Chaparral’s largest boat is their yacht.

These boats are made to be enjoyed for years to come. Chaparral’s commitment to building a quality watercraft and providing stellar customer support has led to its success over the past 40 years, and projected continued growth. In 2010 alone, Chaparral received 3 major awards. Boating Magazine recognized their 310 Signature model as one of the top 10 boats of 2010. Trailer Boats Magazine awarded them “Excellence in Design” for the 204 Xtreme model. Not only is the quality recognized by others, but CSI Awards recognized the commitment to customer satisfaction. Chaparral earned CSI Award’s “Excellence in Customer Satisfaction” award. Chaparral has won these last two awards for the past 3 years in a row.

Although based in Nashville, Georgia, Chaparral is an internationally known company. Their boats can be found in Venezuela, Spain, Italy, Egypt, China, Russia and many more countries. There are boaters all over the world enjoying their watercraft. This wide-spread enjoyment stems from a commitment to quality and attests to it as well. Because these boats are so well known, finding someone to perform routine maintenance will be quick and easy. At those infrequent times when maintenance must be done, your boat will not need to be out of the water for long before you are using it again.

While Chaparral is a well-known marine manufacturer and their boats are made to last, purchasing a used Chaparral boat offers the best value. The company’s long history comes from their boats’ long histories. Your boat will be reliable for many seasons to come. Because of the reliability, a used boat offers a better value than new. Most of the boats depreciation has already been lost. Buying a used Chaparral boat allows you to have nearly the quality of a new one at a significantly lower cost. Contact Marine Connection at to find the Chaparral Boat of your dreams today!

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