Wellcraft Boats For Sale

Wellcraft boats for sale are plentiful in South Florida. These boats are recommended for fishing, skiing or a combination of the two. Clients can personalize their purchase by adding accessories to the current design of the boat. Most of the 2010 models of Wellcraft were smaller rather than larger in keeping with the trend of other boat manufacturers.

The sportier Wellcraft 210 Sportsman is a 21 foot long vessel that has a fuel and water capacity of 101 gallons. This particular model of Wellcraft has up to 250 horsepower. The boat has incredible handling skill and is well suited for a small family.

Wellcraft also produces a Fisherman boat. The Wellcraft 252 Fisherman is approximately 25 feet long. The boat has 180 gallon fuel capacity and an eight gallon water capacity. The swimming platform is preferred by many people that enjoy the Wellcraft model. The Wellcraft model will hold a considerable amount of bait and also four fishing rods for fishing enthusiasts. The boat handles well and is also aesthetically pleasing.

Wellcraft 30 Scarab Sport is another fishing boat offered by this particular company. This particular boat is approximately 30 feet long. The boat can hold 288 gallons of fuel and 13 gallons of water. The engine is powerful. Clients enjoy the option of selecting from five different engine options. This boat is classified by many sport enthusiasts as a high performer for its class.

Wellcraft is a quality constructed vessel that looks well while out on the water. The boats not only look exclusive, but they also perform equally as well. Wellcraft is a respected brand all over the world. Customers seeking to purchase a Wellcraft boat may buy the boat from our South Florida location and have the boat shipped anywhere in the world.

Exporters, such as Marine Connection will help clients select a boat and then, facilitate the shipping of the boat to the desired country. Most of the boats will be shipped via a freight carrier. These carriers sail at different times depending on the demand from a particular country. Most shipments will require between one week and thirty days to arrive in the location. Clients should factor the shipment time into the entire process. There is nothing like planning a boating vacation and the boat does not arrive in time.

Because of the interest rates and boat prices, there is no time like the present to buy a boat. If you export the boat to another country, many of the export fees are waived when purchasing a boat from the United States. Some import fees will apply depending upon the country of delivery. Clients should inquire about the specifics before exporting the boat. Most countries have lowered the fees to encourage commerce all over the world.

As the economy rebounds, customers may not be able to purchase a boat at these particular prices in the near future. Consider Marine Connection at www.marineconnection.com as your boat dealer and peruse the Wellcraft boats for sale today!

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