Sea Ray Used Boats for Sale

Owning a pleasure boat can be one of the nicest luxuries in life. Little can compare to cruising over the deep blue on a beautiful, sunny day. The mist hits your face as birds fly by off in the distance. The only thing better to riding in a boat over picturesque water is cutting through the waves in a Sea Ray. The quality of Sea Ray is unparalleled.

Sea Ray has a model to meet every boater’s needs. With over 40, there is a boat for everyone. The smallest models are Sea Ray’s Sport Boats, which start at 17 ft. Slightly larger, their Sport Cruisers range from 24 ft. to 36 ft. At 38 ft. to 51 ft. are their Sport Yachts. Sea Ray’s largest yachts measure up to 61 ft. Whether you are looking for a ski boat to take out on a small lake, a day cruiser or a sea-worthy yacht, there is a Sea Ray perfect for you.

By purchasing a Sea Ray, you are purchasing one of the finest crafts available. Specializing in superior pleasure boats, Sea Ray has built its business on quality and beauty. Founded in 1959, the company has grown from an independent venture to become the leading pleasure boat designer. JD Power and Associates has ranked Sea Ray as, “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Express Cruisers in a Tie” and “Highest in Customer Satisfaction Award with Small Roundabouts.” From the time you first see your new Sea Ray, its beauty will be evident. However, the true genius of the boat can only be appreciated when it is cutting through the water.

With a slight wake behind the stern and crisp water ahead, Sea Rays are works of art in the water. But, they are not limited to only perfect boating days. Along with the artistic side of the boat comes and engineering marvel. These boats can handle adverse weather with ease. A skilled captain will appreciate the boat’s ability to handle waves. Whether skiing behind an 18 foot model as the wind picks up or on a yacht caught in a full gale on the ocean, you can have confidence in the boat. Sea Rays are beautiful on nice days and safe on stormy ones.

Over its history, Sea Ray has not only built the highest quality boats available, but they also manufacture more pleasure boats than anyone else. Therefore, when routine maintenance is needed, it can be found nearby. With a dealership network and world-wide recognized name, service for Sea Rays can be found anywhere with ease. There is no need to wait while the boat is on land. The infrequent maintenance required can quickly and locally be preformed.

By purchasing a Sea Ray, you are purchasing one of the finest craft to ever slice through waves. With many models, they have one which is perfect to meet your needs. Owning a Sea Ray places you in a rare club. Sea Rays are the premier luxury pleasure craft on the water. Purchase the Sea Ray of your dreams at Marine Connection by contacting today!

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