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The Top 10 Reasons to Convince Your Significant Other Into Buying a Boat

When you know you want a boat but your significant other isn’t sure about it yet, it is time to set up your argument for making this purchase. There are far more pros than cons to boating, but many people are hesitant at making the investment. Here are reasons to use when persuading your loved one to buy a boat.


Boating Improves Quality Of Life

Water covers 71 percent of our planet’s surface and is vital for all life. Owning your own boat helps you connect more fully with this important element and with life. Ask any boating enthusiast what they love most about boating and you will get many answers. However, one common thread, whether spoken or unspoken, is that it improves quality of life by connecting them with nature. 


Boating Is Affordable Recreation

Boating is one of the least expensive recreation alternatives. Accessories like life jackets are a one-time expense, and the only continuing costs incurred are for fuel, boat maintenance and access permits. 


Water Access Is Closer Than You Think

Even landlocked states have rivers, public lakes and large ponds that are suitable for boating. Many of these are not advertised, but all you need to do is perform a quick Internet search for public locations near you, or ask your local tourism or parks and recreations office. 


Boating Encourages Quality Time with Friends & Family

Enticing friends and family with a boat ride is typically not difficult, and it provides a way to increase quality time. Whether you spend the time quietly maneuvering around beautiful lakes or inlets, or you do a little fishing or water skiing, the time you spend together will create wonderful memories that other activities won’t lend you. 


Boating Helps Reduce Stress

Being out in nature fishing or boating is relaxing. The rocking motion of waves and the fresh air are natural stress relievers. You can put all of your cares aside while you are enjoying soothing water and sunlight. 


Boating Is Convenient

Most recreational boats can be easily stored in a garage, backyard, or marina, and they don’t require much more upkeep than other vehicles. In addition, it is easy to find boating supplies, and obtaining permits for boating on public waterways is inexpensive and easy to get.


Boating Gets Friends & Family out of the House

In these days of video games, cell phones and social media, it is easy to spend too much time indoors and forget the joy nature can provide. Having your own boat offers an incentive to get off the couch and spend more time together outdoors. 


Boating Is Good Exercise

You might not even notice it when you are out enjoying the wind and surf, but boating is good exercise. When standing in a boat, your body must adapt to the rocking. This means your core muscles and leg muscles must activate to keep you standing upright. If you boat often enough, you can expect improved balance and a more toned physique, including your abdominals. 


Recreational Boating Is Easy To Learn

Boating is just as easy to learn, if not easier, than driving a car. It isn’t hard to find boating courses if you want to learn from the experts, and once you learn boating rules and maneuvering techniques, you will be all set to take your new boat out to explore lakes or the sea. 


Boating Is Fun and Exciting

Taking excursions out in a boat is like taking a mini vacation, even if it is only for a few hours. When you own your own boat, you can treat your family and your friends to these excursions any time it is convenient, and you won’t have to wait in long airport lines or driving great distances. 

Whether you bring a picnic on board, invite friends for waterskiing, or just settle in with your fishing poles for an afternoon of fishing, having your own boat makes this possible. The investment pays for itself in so many ways, including by creating positive memories to last a lifetime. 

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